Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm bad!

I'm so bad. I haven't been keeping up with this at all. I'm just so busy with everything else that I have no motivation to do anything with this. I'm sorry. I may get back into it at some point. :(

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Neglecting This

I've seriously been neglecting this blog. I've just been doing other things. I've been much more interested lately in keeping up my deviant art account. I signed my teaching contract yesterday, and today I've been writing lesson plans. I'm a busy sorry for the neglect. <3

Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm so excited that my last post had five comments! Thank you all so much for commenting. I promise I will get back to you soon! My tire is now fixed, thanks to my boyfriend. He had to buy a new one because there was no fixing my old one. I have AC now as well, so its all good!

I went with some friends today and watched The Happening. I was so excited and pumped to see it, but I was so let down. I won't give anything away, but I will say that it was a major disappointment! My friend loved it though, so who knows, maybe you will too!

That's all for now. Like I said, thanks to all who have been commenting! I will get back to you soon!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Damn It!!!


I was supposed to get a physical today as part of the hiring process into the school system. I got in my car, drove about 20 feet, and then the person in front of me stopped, got out of their car, walked over to mine, and said "Honey, you've got a flat tire. You're going to mess your wheel up."


So, I turned around, and drove the 20 feet back to my apartment. I had to reschedule my physical for Monday. I've sat here and cried because I'm a whine-sack. My boyfriend told me he would see if he could get off work early to come and fix it. My dad said he would drive up here if he had to, but I'm so annoyed. I hate when my plans are screwed over things I can't control!

I don't even know how I drove as far as I did without knowing I had a flat tire!

Now, not only do I have NO AIR, but I can't go anywhere because of my tire!!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still No Air

I've been home with the parents for the last few days. My air conditioning quit working again at my apartment Friday morning, don't remember if I already posted about that. So I went and reported it again to maintenance on Friday. My boyfriend has the extra key to my apartment and he stopped by yesterday to see if it was fixed. NO!!! The entire front of it had froze over with ice, yet again. So, I have to go back to the office tomorrow and report it yet again. I will keep reporting it until it is fixed! I don't pay rent out my butt for nothing!

I should also have more time tomorrow to devote to this. We shall see.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good, Bad, or Am I Just Plain Crazy?

I don't know where to begin or how to organize my thoughts. Yesterday I uploaded some recent photographs I took onto my computer. Upon first glance, I love them. But...I wonder...will I love them this time next week? This happens to me all the time, and I wonder if I am the only one, or if we all do this?

Another example, I was going through some of my photographs and art on my deviant art site yesterday. When I uploaded most of the items months ago, I loved them, but upon looking at them yesterday...I thought to myself, "What was I thinking???"

So, I ended up taking a lot of things off, revising them and re-uploading. The question is, this time tomorrow, will I still like my revisions, or will I hate them? I don't know, and it drives me nuts! I didn't even do anything digital to most of the photographs I took Friday. I will probably do that in the next few days.

I guess I will post of a few of my older photos. (Feel free to buy prints on deviant, unless I am completely unaware of their suckyness!)

My cousin and a little boy she babysits

One of my newer photos. I angled it on purpose. I thought it was boring without it.

I feel like blogger makes the quality of the photos look bad. They do look better on my deviant...I promise.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Heat and No Sleep

The gracious maintenance man came and attempted to fix my ancient broken air conditioner yesterday evening. He thought he had fixed it, and so did I. The problem was, the filter in the front of the AC was dirty which was causing the entire front of the AC to freeze over with ice, not allowing any air out. He cleaned my filter and scraped off the ice, and it seemed to work. That is, it seemed to work until this morning when I woke up in the heat. I took the cover off of the AC and found an entire solid sheet of ice over the front of my AC. So apparently my air filter is not the problem. I had to go all the way back to my landlords office and fill out yet another maintenance request, because you can't call them in, it has to be done in writing. What a drag!

I woke up so early in the heat, and it made me so upset, that I could not go back to sleep. So here I sit, half asleep and hungry. Poor, poor pitiful me. I'm annoyed with myself for complaining so much.